National Commercial Services

Zoning Services

A review of Zoning information is a vital part of the due diligence process when purchasing commercial real estate properties. To evaluate local zoning requirements on a single site or a portfolio of sites, MKA Land can provide a Zoning Summary Report in conjunction with one of the below described land survey coordination services.

Attorneys, Paralegals, Title Firms, Lenders, Engineers, Survey and Constructon Companies looking for specific information, MKA Land will customize a report to meet the specific needs of your project.  Sample reports can be provided.


ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

MKA Land's surveys (whether one or hundreds) are in a unique and copyrighted format that is so distinctive it is constantly recognized in the commercial real estate industry "we knew it was MKA's survey as soon as we looked at it". The design was created as a result of more than 20 years of our project management experience. This allows our Clients to quickly locate specific items at a glance without having to search for items depicted on the drawing.

Other Services

Our capabilities are not limited to the above services. MKA Land also provides coordination services to include the following:

  • As-Built Surveys (Site, Sanitary Sewers and Storm Drains)
  • Wetland Delineation - Field Flag Locations
  • Boundary and State Minimum Surveys
  • Communication and Telecommunication Surveys
  • FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates
  • Pre-Construction Utility Location Surveys
  • and more...

All services are backed by a $1,000,000 Professional Error & Omission and General Liability Insurance Policies.